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Welcome to MyOtto.

Online Global Social Supporting Community

Welcome to MyOtto.

Online Global Social Supporting Community

Global Online Social Community

Global Online Social Community

My Otto

MyOtto is a premium global online social community set up by a large group of passionate, self-conscious and forward-looking philanthropists from a host of participating countries literally from around the world. It is the end result of many years of painstaking deliberations and scientific studies on the core challenges faced by millions of middle-class individuals and families across the globe amidst this turbulent 21st century global economy. It’s a place where you feel you belong.

MyOtto is a new-age online social movement comprising of thousands of like-minded humanitarians who have enthusiastically congregated on a global level. All of them are eager to demonstrate its primary objective of bringing in specific, measurable and result oriented positive changes amongst its members of its sharply diverse yet united global community through various initiatives.

Providing training on various topics, providing a platform for open discussion and facilitating timely financial assistance from willing donors to needy members who apply for financial help with the community leadership are some of its primary activities that have been well-appreciated by one and all. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. MyOtto is an army of many generous friends who double-up as transitory donors and when they are in such a need they seek financial help. All such donors, at some point in their life, have undergone the acute pain of financial distress themselves, which makes their act of generosity thoroughly significant.

MyOtto community operates in an inclusive environment where all its members are educated to go beyond geographical, religious, linguistic and cultural boundaries and make a difference to the mankind.

MyOtto is neither a proprietor or partnership firm nor a private limited or a limited company. It’s not even a NGO. MyOtto does not have any office anywhere in the world nor does it have any bank account or online payment gateway. It does not directly get involved in any kinds of financial transactions and does not charge any registration fees or deposits. It is simply a facilitator. Simply put, it’s an online movement of like-minded individuals who have come together with a common vision of being of real help to each other in genuinely needy times, using the modern technology of the Internet. Participation in MyOtto is absolutely free and is on invitation only.

Currently, MyOtto Global Community is in its nascent stage and is poised to take it to the next level with many unique online features and applications on the web site to create a voice against many boiling issues across the globe.

MyOtto Mission

Global Online Social Community


The fundamental mission of MyOtto community is to provide a unique and vibrant global platform where one can freely express his or her aspirations, dreams and desires with a realistic hope of finding time-bound solutions. It’s an epitome of action devoid of age-old appeasing tactics.

MyOtto community devoutly serves its active members by empowering them in every sphere of life using the latest global trends in the human resource segment. This has been a constant source of inspiration to scores of its committed members to shed their cynical and lethargic inhibitions of life and live a happy, healthy and wealthy life by rising above ordinary.

Our members, who are literally spread worldwide, are either committed social activists, ambitious university students, housewives, self employed individuals, corporate employees, practicing professionals, direct sellers, insurance advisors, employers or businesspersons but all of them have one single aim in life and that is to make a profound social contribution and bring out the best in everyone. Meaningful community service is it’s primly aim.

Do you wish to live a maximum life? Join hands with us and indulge in celebrating life.

Power of Giving

Global Online Social Community

Power of Giving

Majority of the human race still continues to think that life is all about doing great things, having some more great things and then being someone great in the society. However, there is more to life. The fundamental essence of life is in making a difference to peoples’ lives that helps them live a life of dignity and fulfillment. This can be achieved by each and every one through consistent acts of humanity, goodwill or charity. Giving is one such simple activity that can be adopted up by all of us.

There may be a general tendency to assume that those who are sufficiently gifted with intellectual, material or financial abundance are obliged to engage in acts of charity or community giving. That is not true. The act of giving starts from a personal will or from ones’ own heart. Giving need not be restricted to giving financial help alone. Any act of love, sacrifice, empathy, empowerment and even slightest of moral support qualifies as Giving.

As a matter of fact those who possess more than sufficient usually restrain themselves from giving selflessly while those whose needs are yet to be met are observed to be engaged in generous community giving. As long as the giving results in a positive impact in the life of the recipient, it qualifies as an act of giving. However, one must give willingly, without conditions, undue publicity and expectations.

One does not have to go too far to find people who are in need. They are everywhere around us. What’s more, with the advent of technology, one can easily find them across the world with a click of the mouse, thanks to the Internet. Numerous activists, institutions and organizations worldwide are engaged in several genuine social causes which make an act of giving simpler.

MyOtto community encourages its esteemed members to make generous GiveOtto contributions to its needy members and help them live a life of honor and dignity. Giving is powerful. No one can stop you from generous community giving. Giving makes one happy, fulfilled and adds value to life. It is the power of sincere giving that makes this world a beautiful place to live in.

Let’s move from the mindset of scarcity to abundance. It is in giving that you receive.

Getting Started

Global Online Social Community

Getting Started

  • Sincere Desire: Your Starting Point

  • Ever since MyOtto community came into existence, we have attracted innumerable people who hurriedly tell us that they have been wandering for many years looking out for a place where their feel they belong. With no positive results in their life, they have only added more years to their life by painfully getting old. With innumerable Internet schemes and scams, we know, it surely becomes all the more difficult. If you are sick of searching for an ideal platform and if you have a sincere desire to succeed in life your search ends here. MyOtto can help you achieve many unfilled accomplishments in life.

    We can guide you to move ahead in life, provided you are fully willing. One of our objectives is to help people achieve financial liberation. If you follow every aspect of MyOtto system meticulously, you may not need to go to work again ever in your life. The power of community giving can make wonders. With global support mechanism, you can repay all your loans, mortgages, EMIs and have plenty of money to do things that you have always dreamt in life, legally and ethically and without unwarranted risk.

  • Financial Freedom: Your Inspiration

  • Simply put, having enough money to live a comfortable life without having to work again is attributed to a state of financial freedom. How much money do you really need? Have you ever planned your life for the next 5, 10 or 20 years from now or are you living on a month-to-month basis?

    Have a clear financial projection of your life. Don’t you need your own house, adequate clothing, healthy food, good education to your children, access to modern lifestyle, global travel, appreciation amongst your community members and social recognition in your life?

  • Entry Level: Your MyOtto Possibilities

  • a) LEVEL 1: Financial Freedom Fighter (3F): This is an introductory program that has the potential to attain basic financial freedom. Its main purpose is to prepare you for a positive change from your current financial condition and educate you for financial literacy. This will ensure that you are adequately motivated to break free from your routine life situations. This level will basically introduce you to our state-of-the-art online systems while it will sort out the curious lot from the serious participants. Only serious participants are encouraged to move to our next level. If you are satisfied with your achievement, you may stay back in this category as long you wish.

    b) LEVEL2: Otto Max Program: This is where your Otto Max training begins in earnest only after you re eligible and are allowed joining the Otto Max Program. This level is the world's most extensive MyOtto Community Funding Platform. Here, you will be enrolled into the advanced level and are eligible to receive financial help from advanced financial freedom fighters (3F). There are also many other free bonuses and benefits when you join into Otto Max Program. Explore…!!

    c) LEVEL 3 - Wealthy Veterans: This is only on personal invitation strictly after you have completed Level 1 & 2. Do not bother yourself with this level at the moment. If at all you are inducted you will be invited to contribute generously and will be given access to many other highly advanced projects aimed at Wealthy Veterans. Since it is purely depends on your capacity to donate without expecting any returns, it may not be for all. Also, first you'll need to prove that you are made up from all the compulsory attributes. The higher level programs can be availed only by a select few so you will not be able to access them until you have worked with us at least for aver a year.

    We encourage you to go through the Financial Freedom Fighter (Level 1) introductory program before you enroll into the Otto Max Program (Level 2) but we do not insist upon this anyways.

    If you feel you are ready enough you may apply directly for the Otto Max Program (Level 2) once registration is opened into your country.


    Global Online Social Community


    MyOtto is an exclusive global online social community. It does not represent any kinds of business entity such as proprietary / partnership firm or private limited / limited company. It does not undertake any commercial or business activities. It neither has any office anywhere in the world nor bank accounts.

    You may consider being a member of MyOtto online community only after you have fully understood the terms and conditions of your participation from your introducer / sponsor. Kindly note, there are no investments to be made, products or services of any kinds to be purchased or any kinds of subscription or registration fees to be paid. MyOtto offers free online registration but purely on invitation.

    As a willing donor you may make your contributions (GiveOtto) to other needy members of the community out of your own choice without expecting any profit, interest and any kinds of returns whatsoever. In other words, you are not promised or assured any returns, commission or any types of income of any nature, whatsoever. Period! However, you too can receive financial help (GetOtto) on being eligible, as per the terms and conditions laid out by the community, which can be changed from time to time. Kindly speak to the person who introduced you to this community.

    Do not mistake this for get-rich-quick-plan or any investment plan. You cannot become rich here. On the contrary, you may end up losing financially as you are donating or giving financial help to the needy. The bottom line is, by participating in MyOtto, you are extremely at risk of not recovering your GiveOtto donations (if at all you thought that as an investment!) as you can lose all your money at any time as there is no guarantee that the donations will keep coming till eternity. We do not give you any guarantees or promises, neither explicitly or implicitly. Be crystal clear about this truth. The only rule we have is there are no rules at all! Even if you follow all the instructions religiously, you can still lose all your money and may not get financial help in our community from other participants.

    In short, we advise, urge, beg, plead and recommend to you the following: Well, just let it be. This may not be for you. You may continue to live your life as it is, may be for a paltry salary or inconsistent business income or you can continue to be in the same financial mess. However, if you want to break free you may have to the basic minimum risk in life, for life in itself is the biggest risk.


    Is that clear? But if you are passionate too, like every active community member is, after all the warnings, pleadings and recommendations and have decided to participate in MyOtto (we cannot imagine how many millions of such people exist here), then join this community and play your active role. Take ownership of your destiny. Its time you play the game of life with passion and commitment.


    Premium global online social community.


    "Hi! I have enjoyed being a community member and have received financial help when I needed the most. Thanks to MyOtto community."
    - Praveen Kumar, Bangalore

    "Hello everyone, I have been doing Internet marketing for the last 7-8 years. I am happy to share with you that MyOtto is simple, straight and does not make tall claims. It works powerfully through a proven system"
    - Mr. M. Sheikh, Chennai

    "A friend in need is a friend indeed. But, here we have many like-minded friends. I feel very excited to "
    - Meena Zah, Mumbai

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    True worth is determined by how much more you give back to society than you take from it ....